image: Brittany Sowacke | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Energy is rallying once again, but investors are wary

September 26, 2017


Oh man, it’s happening again. Oil is rallying, and so are oil stocks. Both are up about 10 percent in a month.

And almost no one thinks it will last.

Here’s the story this time: Oil supply is tightening. OPEC compliance with production levels has increased. The shale guys have increased activity, but not as much as some feared, and demand numbers have been steadily on the increase.

The result: a big oil rally, with Anadarko, Marathon, Hess, Devon, and Apache up double digits this month, and even Exxon and Chevron up 6 percent and 9 percent, respectively, both among the leaders of the Dow Jones industrial average for the month.

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