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Parents and students plan to spend more on back-to-school shopping this year, according to PayPal

August 3, 2020

Via: Fortune

The upcoming school year—for everyone from preschool through university and graduate programs—is still a top conundrum for government officials, teachers, parents, and students. Approximately only 55% of U.S. K-12 schools and 65% of U.S. colleges having provided tentative reentry plans […]

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Most college students won’t get stimulus checks—but they should

May 6, 2020

Via: Fortune

To ease the financial suffering of Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Congress recently passed numerous stimulus bills totaling hundreds of billions of dollars. Yet college students were all but forgotten by each subsequent relief package. For instance, through […]

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City schools struggling to keep vocational programs afloat after abrupt funding cut

January 13, 2020

Via: NY Daily News

For the 130 students in the business program at Susan Wagner High School in Staten Island, the opportunity to design and run their own company has been life-changing. The students are part of a class called Virtual Enterprise – a […]

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Expand gifted and talented education: A proposal would take city schoolchildren in exactly the wrong direction

November 19, 2019

Via: NY Daily News

Problems require solutions, and complex problems require sophisticated solutions. Consider Mayor de Blasio’s approach to struggling schools. Unlike his predecessor Mike Bloomberg, de Blasio hasn’t closed struggling schools en masse. Across the city, he has invested in wraparound social services […]

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Recent college graduates may find it tougher to get a job in these cities

September 5, 2019


After finishing college, most graduates strike out on their own, looking for a job where they can apply their recently-earned degree. With a very low U.S. unemployment rate and a record-setting streak of 106 consecutive months of job growth, 2019 […]

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Colleges Are Cutting Tuition, but You May Not Pay Less

August 9, 2019

Via: The New York Times

Sunshine Anderson was at Mills College’s annual welcoming ceremony in 2017 when the liberal arts college revealed its big news: It was slashing its tuition by more than a third. Elated, the history major, who is now a senior, immediately […]

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An education law’s rotten roots: Where did New York’s ‘substantially equivalent’ standard come from?

July 16, 2019

Via: NY Daily News

Regulation of non-public schools — specifically, Orthodox Jewish schools — by New York City and state is back in the news again amid reports that elite non-Jewish private schools are enlisting parents to press the government to back off. It’s […]

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Jamie Dimon sounds off on student debt crisis: ‘What we’ve done is a disgrace’

June 26, 2019


JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon says we need to “fix the broken parts” of student lending in the United States, according to Yahoo Finance. “What we’ve done is a disgrace and its hurting America,” JP Morgan’s chief executive officer told […]

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‘It’s maddening’: Student debt scams flourish with rise in robocalls, advocates say

June 24, 2019

Via: NBC News

The crushing weight of Michelle Lannon’s college debt — almost $200,000 in federal loans and $15,000 in a private loan — haunts her until she goes to sleep. When her cellphone rings with an unknown number, which happens daily, she […]

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Elizabeth Warren’s plan to forgive student loan debt is costly, but it could actually pour money into the US economy

April 26, 2019

Via: Business Insider

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts and 2020 presidential candidate, released her proposal to erase a good portion of student loan debt and provide free public college. The plan, released earlier this week, was met with mixed reviews, with […]