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This energy stock is trading at a 52-week high, but there could be a pullback, expert warns

March 7, 2019


Call it high energy.

Shares of oil and gas giant Kinder Morgan hit a fresh 52-week high on Wednesday, putting the stock up 30 percent in 2019. But Susquehanna’s Stacey Gilbert argues that while the action looks positive, people could be trying to game the rapid rally.

“This really is a fan favorite right now within this space because of its clean balance sheet, its clear visibility, and it’s certainly seeing … that momentum,” Gilbert said on CNBC’s “Trading Nation.” “All that being said, what I would say, from a sentiment perspective of what we’re seeing in both the options and kind of what’s trading out there in the stock, is we could be coming up to an area where it’s either breaking out or it’s really gone too far, too fast.”

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