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Overcoming the strains facing cybersecurity

November 20, 2019

Via: TechRadar

Consumers are no longer surprised by data breaches. And, the truth is that large scale data breaches are here to stay. In fact, according to recent research from Bitdefender, six in every ten businesses have suffered a data breach in the last three years. And, by the end of July 2019 almost a quarter of infosec professionals revealed that the company they work for had suffered a data breach in the first six months of the year alone.

As enterprises continue to embrace technology and IT management increasingly become more digitally sophisticated, the threat landscape and capabilities of attackers continues to grow more complex. What’s more, infosec professionals are also having to contend with tight budgets, as well as a lack of talent and understanding from general employees and senior management. As a result, businesses are facing more cybersecurity risks now than ever before.

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