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Ryanair is ‘essentially’ writing off its business until Europe can improve its COVID vaccine rollout

February 1, 2021

Via: Fortune

Ryanair Holdings Plc. is counting on a rapid rollout of coronavirus vaccines to deliver a late-summer travel surge and help the low-cost carrier recover from an annual loss that could reach 950 million euros ($1.1 billion). While Easter is “essentially […]

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Coronavirus Pushes Aviation Industry in New Directions

April 29, 2020

Via: The New York Times

The coronavirus outbreak has upended commercial aviation, with consequences that are not fully realized. The airline trade group, International Air Transport Association, anticipates that the world’s air carriers will see this year’s revenues drop by more than half, and a […]

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Profits of airline, travel and oil companies will be hardest hit by COVID-19

March 30, 2020


Sheltering in place, shutting down large parts of the economy and skyrocketing job losses due to coronavirus are bad for America’s health, the economy and for corporate profits. So be prepared for unsettling news when companies start reporting how much […]

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Wall Street opens 2% lower as Coronavirus hits California, airline stocks

March 5, 2020

Via: Business Standard

U.S. stock indexes dropped more than 2% on Thursday as the swift spread of the coronavirus in the United States led California to declare an emergency, while airline stocks were hammered by crippled travel demand. Down almost 12% last week […]

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Wall Street’s next trading innovation: Airline fares derivatives

January 23, 2020


European planemaker Airbus is working with Nasdaq to develop a derivatives-based trading platform that will allow airlines to protect against swings in ticket prices. Just like airline companies use oil futures to hedge against the volatility in fuel costs, they […]

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Buyer beware: Airline stocks are a ‘value trap,’ warns expert

January 15, 2019


Airline stocks can’t seem to catch a break. The NYSE Arca Airline Index, which tracks U.S. and international carriers, lagged the broader market in 2018 — dropping nearly 21 percent compared with the S&P’s decline of more than 6 percent […]