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EXPLAINER: Europe struggles with crisis as Russia cuts gas

September 7, 2022

Via: ABC News

Europe is struggling to contain an energy crisis that could lead to rolling blackouts, shuttered factories and a deep recession. The primary cause: Russia has choked off the supplies of cheap natural gas that the continent depended on for years […]


Sri Lanka’s crisis rings alarm for other troubled economies

July 6, 2022

Via: ABC News

Sri Lanka is desperate for help with weathering its worst crisis in recent memory. Its schools are closed for lack of fuel to get kids and teachers to classrooms. Its effort to arrange a bailout from the International Monetary Fund […]


The world’s wealthy are worried they wouldn’t survive another pandemic

July 13, 2020

Via: Fortune

The fallout from coronavirus has provoked fears among the world’s wealthy, with the majority planning to curtail travel and move closer to family in a world they see permanently altered by the pandemic. More than half of respondents in a […]


Outbreak’s global economic cost may top $4 trillion

April 3, 2020

Via: ABC News

The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a shock to the global economy with unprecedented speed. Following are developments on Friday related to the global economy, the work place and the spread of the virus. $4 TRILLION BILL FOR CRISIS? […]


The government shutdown threatens the US with a credit-rating cut for only the 2nd time in history

January 9, 2019

Via: Business Insider

Fitch, one of the “Big Three” ratings agencies, has warned that the continued government shutdown puts the US at risk of losing its “AAA” credit rating in the near future. Speaking in London Wednesday, James McCormack, Fitch’s global head of […]

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ADB chief doesn’t expect Fed hikes to trigger Asian financial crisis

December 3, 2015

Via: Business Insider

Asian Development Bank President Takehiko Nakao said on Thursday he did not expect U.S. interest rate rises to trigger a financial crisis in Asia, but the bank remains ready to lend support to vulnerable countries. The U.S. Federal Reserve is […]


The refugee crisis killed Eurotunnel’s freight traffic by 33%

October 22, 2015

Via: itCurated

Europe is in the middle of the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Around 700,000 refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern and African nations are estimated to be arriving in Europe this year and the United Nations forecasted […]