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JP Morgan swallows Nutmeg as it prepares for UK launch of new digital bank

June 17, 2021

Via: Sky News

The move comes ahead of the expected UK launch of JP Morgan’s new digital bank, Chase, later this year. It follows the launch in Britain by Goldman Sachs, three years ago, of its digital savings bank Marcus. This proved so […]

Financial Services, Industries

Goldman Sachs is reorganizing its businesses to highlight its transformation into a digital bank

January 7, 2020


Goldman Sachs is reorganizing its businesses to more closely resemble Wall Street peers and give its nascent retail banking operations its own category. The bank is now calling its four main segments global markets, investment banking, asset management and consumer […]


Microsoft’s Blockchain Experiments Expand to Digital Bank Guarantees

September 7, 2017

Via: Fortune

Microsoft (MSFT, -0.27%) is working with Israel’s Bank Hapoalim on a system that uses blockchain technology to manage digital bank guarantees. Bank guarantees are essential in sectors such as real estate, where they represent security for tenants’ leases, or where […]