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These Are the 25 Highest-Paying Jobs in the U.S. Right Now

August 15, 2018

Via: Fortune

For the fourth consecutive year, the technology sector boasted the highest-paying jobs in the U.S., according to an annual report from Glassdoor. Thirteen of the 25 highest-paying jobs this year were in tech, up from 11 in 2017, according to […]

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The world’s biggest tech companies are at serious risk of losing a $32 billion market

August 14, 2018

Via: Business Insider

Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and other US tech titans are facing major hurdles on selling online in India, thanks to a new ecommerce bill which prioritises homegrown firms. According to The Wall Street Journal, which has seen a draft of […]

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Twitter shares up 50% since late April means most upside priced in, analyst says in downgrade

July 18, 2018


Macquarie Research lowered its rating on shares of Twitter to “neutral” from “buy” on Wednesday, saying the best is behind the stock after moving nearly 50 percent move higher since the firm upgraded the stock in April. “After [the] recent […]

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Pfizer reverses drug price increases after President Trump blasted the company

July 11, 2018


Pfizer postponed drug price hikes after President Donald Trump ripped the company and threatened retaliation. The pharmaceutical giant confirmed Tuesday that it “will defer the company’s price increases” for now. The company’s response came after CEO Ian Read had “an […]

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Trump’s Trade War Is Already Hurting American Whiskey Distillers

June 1, 2018

Via: Time

The consequences of the Trump administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs are already being felt across global markets. But the makers of one iconic American product say they stand to suffer more than most — bourbon whiskey distillers. The European Union […]

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The Trump administration has a little-known practice in the pharma industry in its crosshairs (ESRX)

May 11, 2018

Via: Business Insider

Before you ever walk up to the counter at your local pharmacy, a lot has already happened to get your prescription drug ready for pickup. For a single prescription drug, there are often five companies involved, from development all the […]

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Drug Prices Are Increasing. So Is Big Pharma Lobbying

April 26, 2018

Via: Fortune

The outlook was grim for Novo Nordisk at the end of 2016. As pressure mounted over its rising insulin prices, investors drove the stock down by a third, fearing that lawmakers would cap price tags and hurt profits. So last […]

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Trump claimed the tax bill would lead to a huge boost in business spending – but there’s no sign of it yet

March 27, 2018

Via: Business Insider

Republicans’ pitch on tax cuts was fairly clear: Lower rates on corporations would spur investment and create new jobs. A new survey published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in conjunction with Stanford University and University of Chicago Booth […]

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What Trump doesn’t get about Obamacare and health insurers’ profits

March 23, 2018

Via: CNN

The Trump administration has once again pointed to health insurers’ robust stock market performance as proof that they are profiting from Obamacare. The White House’s Council of Economic Advisers issued a report this week declaring that insurers have made a […]

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Why Netflix’s Stock Was Downgraded by an Influential Wall Street Analyst

March 7, 2018

Via: Fortune

Netflix blew away Wall Street’s expectations a few weeks ago when it reported strong subscriber and revenue growth in the fourth quarter. The strong financial performance, including adding a record 8.3 million new subscribers, sent the streaming company’s stock skyward. […]