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How U.S. Bank Card as a Service (CaaS) can solve B2B payment bottlenecks

In today’s challenging economy, inefficient payments are more than an inconvenience. They can delay reimbursements, create cash flow management challenges and contribute to frustrating employee and customer experiences. But unfortunately, payment bottlenecks are all too common. For example, 45% of businesses say manual reviews impede their B2B payment processes. And 28% cite cash flow visibility as one of their top payment problems.

“Ensuring the seamless flow of payments, whether it’s to an employee or to a vendor, is critical for businesses to remain competitive,” says Jon Zimmermann, U.S. Bank vice president and group product manager.
U.S. Bank Card as a Service (CaaS) eliminates some of the most pressing payment challenges by enabling companies to embed a virtual card solution into their app or platform.

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