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German extends energy subsidy plan for consumers, companies

November 22, 2022

Via: ABC News

Consumers and businesses in Germany will receive subsidies to soften the blow of higher natural gas and electricity prices starting in January, two months earlier than originally planned, officials said Tuesday. The move is part of a larger pot of […]

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EU allows Spain, Portugal to spend to ease energy prices

June 9, 2022

Via: ABC News

The European Union will allow Spain and Portugal to use billions of euros in state aid to help ease the burden of spiraling electricity prices on consumers in the Iberian Peninsula as Russia’s war in Ukraine exacerbates an energy squeeze. […]

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As Energy Prices Tumble, Developing Countries Trim Subsidies

June 11, 2020

Via: The New York Times

The coronavirus pandemic has sent economies into recession and reduced government revenue, so some countries are taking a politically perilous path: removing restraints on electricity and petroleum prices. Nigeria and Tunisia have lowered fuel subsidies in recent weeks, and India […]

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Electric bills can be a pain. Here's where you'll pay the most for them

July 9, 2019


Many Americans dread having to pay their electricity bills, especially in the summer. Keeping the lights on, phones charged, and air conditioning running is an expensive but necessary cost. In most states, people pay over $111 a month for electricity. […]