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Buy now, pay later: How COVID-19 is aiding the payment model

August 31, 2020

Via: Fortune

If you’ve been doing some online shopping lately, as many U.S. consumers have during the pandemic to avoid shopping in person (and maybe even just to pass the time while in quarantine), you might have noticed an increased recurrence of […]

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Coronavirus crisis mobile banking surge is a shift that’s likely to stick

May 27, 2020


Digital banking isn’t new, but with the coronavirus pandemic, young and old Americans suddenly flocked to online and mobile banking en masse. The sudden uptick in online and mobile traffic even created outages. Among those affected: online platforms for U.S. […]

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Mastercard’s plan to connect 1 billion more people and 50 million small businesses to digital economy by 2025

April 28, 2020


Small businesses and individuals having a hard time entering the digital economy are getting a boost from Mastercard as the need to receive funds electronically and make digital and contactless payments has been underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic. The payment […]

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The World’s Fourth-Largest Economy Is Going Cashless

December 4, 2019

Via: Fortune

The world is moving towards cashless payment, and Asia is leading the charge with companies like Alibaba, Tencent, and Grab, and fast-growing mobile payment usage rates across the region. In China, more than 600 million people already use mobile payments, […]

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Apple Card: release date and all we know about the new iPhone-centric credit card

July 31, 2019

Via: TechRadar

During a launch event that saw Apple unveil to the world a new news and magazine subscription service (Apple News Plus), a new offering of original content (Apple TV Plus) and a gaming subscription platform (Apple Arcade), a new, surprising […]

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Chrome will make shopping easier by filling out card details without syncing

July 3, 2019

Via: TechRadar

If Amazon Prime Day didn’t make it easy enough to flex your credit cards, Chrome is now enabling your impulse shopping habit further by automatically entering your payment details without the need to sync your browser. Until now, credit card […]

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We polled over 1,000 people about what they want from their mobile banking app. Here’s what they care about most — and least.

June 13, 2019

Via: Business Insider

People use their phones to find dates, trade stocks, and even order helicopter rides. They are also, increasingly, using their phones to bank. With myriad banking apps out there from Wells Fargo to Chime, both big banks and up-and-coming fintechs […]

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Apple Credit Card to Come With Juicy Rewards – But Only on the iPhone

March 26, 2019

Via: TheStreet

When people talk about the future, what they usually care most about is what that means for people — how they’ll live, if they’ll adapt. Apple (AAPL – Get Report) has helped to transform human behavior so that now nearly […]

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Instagram testing new Checkout feature that lets you shop within the app

March 21, 2019

Via: TechRadar

Instagram has announced that it’s testing a new feature called Checkout, which will allow users to buy products from fashion, beauty and other brands within the photo-sharing app. In a blog post, Instagram said the feature is currently “in closed […]

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Instagram Wants to Help Users Buy Products in its App

March 19, 2019

Via: Fortune

Instagram is strengthening its role in e-commerce by allowing users to pay for dresses, makeup, and watches inside its app. The new checkout feature, which begins rolling out on Tuesday, lets users make in-app purchases from 23 retailers, including Nike, […]