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Will the hot economy and job market go cold in 2019?

December 21, 2018


This year is likely a high-water mark for the U.S. economy, but 2019 won’t be anything close to the plunge into the abyss that recent stock market gyrations have suggested. If the economy were a jet that finally reached cruising […]


Here’s what research shows about immigration’s impact on an economy

December 20, 2018


Controlling immigration was one of U.S. President Donald Trump’s primary arguments during the 2016 election, with him campaigning to limit entries into the U.S. and proposing building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The political debate continues to rage today: […]

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How Advanced Automation Generates Higher Profits for Financial Services

December 7, 2018

Via: Aberdeen

Up until now, the technology and capabilities for leading financial institutions and service providers have been focused primarily on improving the speed and efficiency of transaction processes to minimize cost and improve the visibility of information. They rely on this […]

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The New Health Care: How Pollution Can Hurt the Health of the Economy

November 27, 2018

Via: The New York Times

One argument for rolling back environmental regulations — as is occurring under the Trump administration — is that a lighter touch on industry will lift investment and economic growth. But increased pollution can also have long-term negative economic consequences. The […]

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What Could Go Wrong With the Economy? The Markets Are Offering Hints

November 21, 2018

Via: The New York Times

The most telling thing about the pummeling that the stock market has taken recently, and especially this week, is that there’s no simple single cause to point to. That reflects the fundamental economic risk for 2019 and beyond. There isn’t […]


31 cities adding the most jobs as the US economy grows

November 12, 2018


A healthy job market is the backbone of any thriving city. Across a population, a strong labor market can create a virtuous economic cycle, reducing financial hardship, fueling consumer spending, and attracting new residents. The United States is in the […]


Saving, prosperity remain key challenges for many Americans despite good economy

November 8, 2018


It’s not supposed to be this way. Almost 10 years into the economic expansion, many Americans still face significant personal financial pressures. Though there have been signs of progress, benefits from the economic rebound have been uneven and not widely […]

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Tesla slips after Elon Musk announced lower-cost Model 3 (TSLA)

October 19, 2018

Via: Business Insider

Tesla shares slipped Friday morning, down 0.94%, after CEO Elon Musk revealed a lower-cost Model 3 sedan was ready for order on the company’s website. They had gained as much as 2.2% in early action. “Just released lower cost, mid-range […]

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Bank of America downgrades homebuilder stocks as Wall Street grows increasingly bearish on housing

October 18, 2018

Via: CNBC Finance

Bank of America Merrill Lynch downgraded homebuilder stocks Toll Brothers, PulteGroup and NVR and lowered its homebuilding estimates for 2018 and 2019. “This morning BofA Merrill Lynch’s US economics team lowered its 2018-2019 housing starts and new home sales forecasts […]

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This Is What the Fastest Growing Emerging Economies Have in Common

October 17, 2018

Via: Fortune

By 2030, emerging markets will account for 62% of total growth in global consumption, the equivalent of $15.5 trillion in spending. But some countries are developing more quickly than others. Anu Madgavkar, a partner at McKinsey Global Institute, the business […]