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Boeing’s stock keeps Dow futures under pressure while broader market struggles for altitude

March 12, 2019

Via: Market Watch

Stock market futures traded mixed in the premarket Tuesday, while those for the Dow remained under pressure as a fatal plane crash of a Boeing Co. aircraft over the weekend weighed on the blue-chip index. How are major indexes performing? […]

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U.S. Drug Prices, But Not Out-of-Pocket Costs, Are the World’s Highest

March 8, 2019

Via: Fortune

With drug prices rising sitting at 10% of skyrocketing health care costs and pharmaceutical companies socking away big profits, you might assume that the U.S. has the highest prescription drug spending in the world. And you’d be right. Per capita […]

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Data Sheet—Lyft Has Proven It Can Grow, But Not Necessarily Make Money

March 4, 2019

Via: Fortune

The financial world must periodically stand agape at the wonder of “technology” companies as they first reveal their results to the public. Lyft, for example, caused much hoopla by being the first of the expected mega-unicorns to file its IPO […]

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Dents Begin to Show at Top End of Classic Car Market

February 28, 2019

Via: The New York Times

Five years ago, the classic car market had just completed a turnaround that left even seasoned observers surprised by its speed. The deep recession that began in 2007 had dealt the same initial blow to vintage car prices that it […]

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Hospital Drug Prices Are Up to 7 Times Greater Than Medicare Pricing

February 15, 2019

Via: Fortune

A new study shows something many healthcare patients know all too well: hospitals are charging significant premiums on some of the most-used prescription drugs. In a new study of 34 hospital systems, Wall Street firm AllianceBernstein found that the average […]

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Here’s where American businesses will start feeling their ‘first signs of pain’ from the shutdown

January 25, 2019

Via: Business Insider

The partial government shutdown, the longest on record, reached its 34th day Thursday. Furloughed government workers have already missed one paycheck, and many are set to miss their second on Friday. And while the direct impact from the shutdown is […]

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2018 was worst year the dairy industry has ever been through. Farmers think it will only get worse.

January 10, 2019


After years of low milk prices, about 75 dairy farms closed across Vermont in 2018. Harold Howrigan of Fairfield, Vermont, says the past year set a new low for dairy farmers in the state. And this year isn’t looking any […]

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Farmers Are Bracing Themselves for More Losses Amid Trump Shutdown

January 4, 2019

Via: Fortune

Bruce Buchanan was so elated with Donald Trump’s October vow to allow higher sales of corn-based ethanol that he carved a 60-acre thank you note in his Indiana cornfield. Now, though, the president’s actions have him worried. The government shutdown […]

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Healthcare is a big chunk of the market and history suggests that’s good news for stocks (XLV)

December 14, 2018

Via: Business Insider

Healthcare stocks have been on a tear this year, but history shows their rally may be petering out. With its 11.1% gain this year, the sector is the only group in the S&P 500 to boast double-digit gains in 2018, […]

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Medical device makers spend millions lobbying to loosen regs in D.C.

December 3, 2018

Via: NBC News

After Teresa Hershey nearly died from complications of a hysterectomy, she wanted future patients to know about the potential dangers of choosing robotic surgery for the operation. In 2013, the California woman added a detailed account of how the robot […]