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Why PayPal’s Approval to Enter China’s Payments Market May Be Less Than It Seems

October 2, 2019

Via: Fortune

PayPal Holdings has become the first foreign payments company to gain a foothold in China, more than a year after Beijing said it would open the space to foreign firms. But the deal may be less than it seems, as […]

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China may have a new way of boosting its economy. Here’s what the central bank just did

August 20, 2019


China’s central bank has changed the way commercial lenders set interest rates for loans — a move expected to bring borrowing costs lower at a time when the Chinese economy needs a boost. Growth in China is slowing down as […]

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Why China Just Injected $83 Billion into Its Economy

January 16, 2019

Via: Fortune

China’s central bank on Wednesday offered financial institutions $83 billion in liquidity as part of a wider economic stimulus. The move sets a record for a single day. On Tuesday, several Chinese government institutions told investors they would be spending […]