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Turkey’s economic crisis has gone off the radar — but there’s a huge chance it could get a whole lot worse

August 24, 2018

Via: Business Insider

After the flare-up in Turkey which saw its currency drop 25% in a week, major tensions with the US, and even talk of its entire economy collapsing, things appear to have quietened down over the past few days, as the […]

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The lira surged 7% after Turkey hit back at US ‘attacks’ by slapping American cars, alcohol, and tobacco with huge tariffs

August 15, 2018

Via: Business Insider

LONDON — Turkey’s downtrodden currency, the lira, surged on Wednesday morning hours after the country’s government hit back at what it believes are “deliberate attacks” against its economy by the US, by levying significant tariffs against American goods. Around 8.00 […]